Irrational God

I once had a friend in high school who was rather intelligent and had a passion for science. He loved to debate and discuss many subject matters and naturally the origin of life was among the topics. I often had very calm and collected discussions with him. He was never rude, hateful, or demeaning but rather examined the theories while supporting or discrediting them with facts.

He knew that I believed in God and that God had created the universe and all its inhabitants. He believed that most likely the Big Bang Theory and Evolution were responsible for the universe and life. One point that he made to me was that Science had chosen the theory of the Big Bang and Evolution through a series of logically and rational evidences that point to these theories as most likely. However, he was not dead set on blind acceptance of Scientific reason but instead remained open minded to listen to any theory and examine the evidence. 

Faith is not a term used often (or ever) in Scientific discussions so I attempted to see Creationism from a Scientific point of view. The view of reason and of logic. 

Many Atheists believe that at some point in time humans created the idea that God had created the universe as a result of a lack of scientific knowledge. This lack of knowledge led people to put faith in the supernatural which scientifically is invalid because the supernatural is irrational.

My rationale was to point out first that however unlikely a supreme being such as God may be, the Big Bang Theory is also very hard to rationalize. The idea that gasses were floating around in space and just happened to create the universe seems irrational.

My friend pointed out that while this seems true, the probability of the Big Bang Theory is much greater when you factor in the infinite amount of time before it took place. Probability is dependent on time. If the Big Bang Theory required a multitude of unlikely circumstances to occur it would seem irrational that it would have happened. But if the time frame for these unlikely circumstances to occur were infinite than the probability is infinitely narrowed because there are an infinite amount of chances for the circumstances to occur.

While I admitted this is an excellent point it has one major flaw. The gasses that were floating around in spaces and space itself have no explainable origin. It is usually just assumed that they were just always there. Therein lies my belief in Creation. If scientists can come to a point of reason that space and matter have always been present than they are recognizing the fact that some things are beyond explanation.

I believe that the belief in a supreme being who has always existed is just as logical as believing that matter, in some form, has always existed. 

God is infinite and therefore he is outside of the concept of time. He is supernatural and not explainable. This infinite existence is both irrational and rational. Rationally everything had to come from something and since we can never explain how the unexplainable came to be it is rational to believe that some things are beyond rational or reason and are instead supernatural and irrational. 

I place my faith in something that is beyond human understanding and reason. I believe in an irrational God because he is so far beyond human reason and time that it actually appears to be the only reasonable explanation.